Saturday, October 15, 2011

A week ago today I was just like you. I was informed of current events thanks to the internet but not really sure what to expect having never been to a protest before. I went to Indianapolis because my friends who share many of the same grievances with the political economic machine as I do needed support so that their voices wouldn't be silenced. We marched, we talked, and we now occupy the state capital. There was an energy in the crowd as we began to realize that we would not be stopped, that if nothing else our voices would be heard by those who join us and those who follow us via the internet. I wanted to bring that energy here for all of you. We have a fantastic opportunity to educate one another and our neighbors about the injustice and corruption in our world. We will no longer be silent and allow these things to take place. - Jon

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  1. occupy valparaiso; DAY 1: I am proud to have been a part of occupy valpo today! the turn out was far greater than I expected, and the support we received from the passersby and traffic was unbelievable! we are the 99% (although we need to work on our cadence!) being chanted for all to hear was exhilarating. Im excited to see just how much we can grow and accomplish! Keep it up everyone, and if you missed it JOIN US!